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Very Verde: “The Original”

The pineapple in our logo is purposeful and so is the number “4.”  When Patrick’s cancer treatment impacted his ability to swallow and compromised his sense of taste, there was a need to address his nutrition, swallow challenges, and taste sensors. As his wife and caregiver, I researched and experimented with creating a healthy cold-pressed juice which would meet those requirements. The initial creation is what has become our “Original Blend”, Very Verde.  This combination blend is the first of the four blends crafted especially for my husband. I always told him, “drink it because it’s better for you.”  Learn more in Our Story.

Our Blends

Cold-Pressed Juices

Better4You Juices are cold-pressed, a process that retains more of the vitamins, enzymes, minerals, and antioxidants in the produce. We are particular about the fresh produce we select, using a combination of organic, locally purchased and farm-fresh produce–never frozen! The result is freshly pressed combination blends that are nutrient-dense with no added sugar, preservatives or additives. Taste and feel the difference!

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Local Pick-Up

An email will be sent when your order is ready for pick-up at our downtown location:
306 Frederick Street, Suite 101A
Fredericksburg, VA 22401.

Time slots are:
Tuesday - Friday
11am - 1pm and 2pm - 4pm.
Pick-up times outside of these time slots should be scheduled in advance by calling (540) 783-9661.

Local Delivery

We offer personable local delivery in the Stafford/Fredericksburg and Quantico/Dumfries areas. Just order here on our website, and choose local delivery.

Coast to Coast Shipping

We can ship your juice anywhere, coast to coast. Just place an order here on our website for fast, safe shipping direct to your location.

Farmer's Market

Better4You Juices is an active vendor at The Long Family Farmers Market at the 610 Commuter Lot, 163 Staffordboro Blvd., Stafford VA

Local Delivery

Fresh Juice in Stafford/Fredericksburg

We deliver to Stafford, Fredericksburg and surrounding localities. And yes, we ship coast to coast!

Whether you choose pick-up, delivery or shipping, our freshly pressed juices will arrive at your door frozen for immediate storage or frozen to enjoy after thawing in cool water or overnight in the refrigerator.

Fresh Juice Near Me

Seasonal Blends

The Freshest Juice of the Season

Using in-season fruit and vegetables in the Fall and Summer, we craft two distinct 8oz blends.

“Refreshing Red”: watermelon, mixed berries, lime and mint.

“Welcome Autumn”: sweet potato, peach, pear, apple and ginger.

News and Updates

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Coming Up in the Community

Long Farmers Market Juice Friends

Staffordboro Commuter Lot

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Try a Very Verde… 

“The Original”


Pick-Up Location!

Monday – Friday:

10am – 4pm

306 Frederick Street, Suite 101A

Fredericksburg VA 22401


Our Mission

Providing a positive customer experience every time, while
offering an alternate, all-natural cold-pressed beverage option in our local community and beyond.

Cold Pressed Juice

Cold-Pressed Juice

Our juices are cold-pressed and retain more of the vitamins, enzymes, minerals,
and antioxidants.

100% Natural

Our vegetable and fruit combination blends do not contain added sugar,
preservatives, or additives; they are fresh and natural.

Clean Living

Like you, Better4You Juices is committed to clean, healthy living. Our juices are not processed with chemicals or heat.

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Want your juice but don’t live in the local delivery area? We’ve got you covered. Better4You Juices can ship freshly pressed juices from coast to coast… Share yours with a friend or keep it for yourself – we won’t tell.