Better4You Juices

It began with a life interruption...

Patrick needed nutrition.
Claudia crafted a solution.

The Better4You story began in 2016 following Patrick Barnes’ head and neck cancer diagnosis and subsequent chemo-radiation treatment. Patrick’s cancer treatment affected his ability to swallow and compromised his sense of taste. At the time, there seemed to be no beverage option prepared which would accommodate his needs: nutrition, easy to swallow and taste. This led Claudia, his wife, to experiment with producing cold-pressed juices. Claudia researched ways to get Patrick the nutrition he needed to heal, and the result was the creation of what became our “Original Blend”, Very Verde. Claudia kept reminding Patrick, “It’s better for you.” The phrase stuck and persuaded Patrick to drink the blend of vegetables and fruit.

In 2017, following encouraging words from close family and friends, we officially launched, Better4You. Everything we do at Better4You Juices has purpose as the foundation. Case in point, the pineapple in our logo is purposeful–it was one of the first things Patrick could taste during his recovery, and the number four in our logo represents the four staple combination blends we offer.

Our mission is to provide a positive customer experience while offering an alternate, all-natural beverage option in our community and beyond.

Award-winning Small Business

Stafford County Public Schools Partner

Better4You Juices is an Official Business Partner with Stafford County Public Schools, an initiative that offers job shadowing and career training to Stafford County Public School students.

2018 Start-Up of the Year

Better4You Juices was named Start-Up Business of the Year in 2018 by The Greater Fredericksburg Black Chamber of Commerce.

Friendly Stafford Business

Better4You Juices supports local community events such as Mary Washington Hospital Foundation/Mary Washington Healthcare's Power of Pink Walk, Fredericksburg PRIDE, and The Hypeman Foundation

Making Our Community Healthier and Beating the Odds

Since 2017, Better4You Juices has introduced many to, and provided those with knowledge of the concept of freshly pressed juices, also known as cold-pressed juices. We continue to be small in number, but large in our intention to provide a positive customer experience. What began as something very personal to our family has now become a way for us to continue our healing process through meeting people from all walks of life who share their own stories with us sometimes.

Where it would be cliche to say this venture was a lifelong dream; it was not. This business venture was a result of an unexpected life interruption. Even when the current events of a Global Pandemic impacted us all, we somehow persevered through a shutdown and pause of service. The relationships we’ve worked hard to build were and are our motivation to remain steadfast in the midst of unexpected occurrences. We affectionately refer to our customers as “Juice Friends” because of the sense of community we experience when we deliver our products to the homes or directly to the hands of customers at a market or community event.

Better4You Juices is local to the Stafford/Fredericksburg, VA area and expects to broaden our reach in the community and beyond with innovative ways of offering Better4You Juices beginning Spring 2022.

Serving Our Community

Better4You has given a portion of our proceeds to the Power of Pink Walk, sponsored by Mary Washington Hospital Foundation; donated to Stafford County Public Schools Leadership and sponsored/donated to The Hypeman Foundation (a memorial scholarship program for Black young men, ages 18-25); and supported Fredericksburg PRIDE. 

We do offer discounts to teachers at Stafford County Public Schools, and honor our veterans and loyal patrons.

What Motivates Us

One of the things which has an impact on us as small business owners is the return customer who says, “I need my juice.” We are also inspired by Juice Friends who say, “You guys need a spot” or “You don’t have a location; you should; I would come.”

Where to find Better4You Juices

Farmer's Market

Better4You Juices is an active vendor at The Long Family Farmers Market at the 610 Commuter Lot, 163 Staffordboro Blvd., Stafford VA

Local Delivery

We offer personable local delivery in the Stafford/Fredericksburg and Quantico/Dumfries areas. Just order here on our website, and choose local delivery.

Coast to Coast Shipping

We can ship your juice anywhere, coast to coast. Just place an order here on our website for fast, safe shipping direct to your location.