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Better 4 You Juices

No, we grind and extract (press) the natural juices from the vegetables, fruit, and herbs using a commercial/industrial cold-pressed juicer– nothing added, not even water. We refer to the juices as “combination blends” because they’re created using a combination of fresh vegetables, fruit, and herbs.

No, our combination blends do not contain added sugar, preservatives, or additives.  They are nutrient dense, crafted with a combination of fresh produce and herbs which are locally sourced and/or organic.

Refrigerated shelf life is up to 2 days; Freezer shelf life is up to 4 weeks.  Our juices do not contain preservatives or additives; they are not pasteurized and are perishable.  EXPOSURE TO HEAT IS NOT RECOMMENDED.

Some separation is normal for freshly pressed juice; shake and enjoy the taste and the fresh benefits.

We deliver locally in the Stafford/Fredericksburg and Triangle/Dumfries, VA areas (not to exceed a 12-mile radius of our Stafford location); flat rate delivery fee is applied.  If outside our delivery radius, you have an option for shipment via FedEx or UPS carriers; flat rate shipping applied.

Whether delivered locally or shipped, your juices will arrive frozen. We recommend placing your juices immediately in the freezer unless you’re choosing to enjoy right away. If you’d like to enjoy a selection right away, thawing in COOL water is best or in the refrigerator overnight.

YES! Our production site and pick-up location is at 306 Frederick St, Suite 101A, Fredericksburg, VA 22401.

You can also find us locally at Long Family Market (April – November), in the community at local events, and at our online store on this website. Look for our new option coming soon to purchase your Better4You Juices.

Yes, we offer our seasonal blends in an 8oz serving size and occasionally our Staple Combination Blends are offered in 8oz serving sizes on the website or at farmers market for a limited time. Beverage catering-style is also available for your health/wellness event, office gathering, business meeting or other special occasions.

Our online juices are more expensive because we’ve factored in the cost of getting our delicious juices to you FAST and FRESH. Whether you choose delivery or shipping, our freshly pressed juices will arrive at your door frozen for immediate storage or frozen to enjoy after thawing in cool water or overnight in the refrigerator.

Where to find Better4You Juices

Farmer's Market

Better4You Juices is an active vendor at The Long Family Farmers Market at the 610 Commuter Lot, 163 Staffordboro Blvd., Stafford VA

Local Delivery

We offer personable local delivery in the Stafford/Fredericksburg and Quantico/Dumfries areas. Just order here on our website, and choose local delivery.

Coast to Coast Shipping

We can ship your juice anywhere, coast to coast. Just place an order here on our website for fast, safe shipping direct to your location.